折叠 K028-转速器盘加工工艺规程制及钻10孔夹具设计版本3三维Creo模型CAD图纸全套.zipK028-转速器盘加工工艺规程制及钻10孔夹具设计版本3三维Creo模型CAD图纸全套.zip
展开 K028-转速器盘加工工艺规程制及钻10孔夹具设计【版本3】【三维Creo】K028-转速器盘加工工艺规程制及钻10孔夹具设计【版本3】【三维Creo】
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  • K028-转速器盘加工工艺规程制及钻10孔夹具设计【版本3】【三维Creo】
    • 三维CREO源文件
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      • kuaihuanzuantao1.prt.3
      • lingxingxiao1.prt.1
      • luogan1.prt.1
      • luogan1.prt.2
      • m12.prt.1
      • m12luoding.prt.1
      • m6luoding1.prt.1
      • m6luoding1.prt.2
      • mubanluoding1.prt.1
      • mubanluoding1.prt.2
      • std.out
      • trail.txt.10
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      • trail.txt.12
      • trail.txt.13
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      • trail.txt.15
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      • trail.txt.19
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      • trail.txt.21
      • trail.txt.22
      • trail.txt.23
      • trail.txt.24
      • trail.txt.25
      • trail.txt.26
      • trail.txt.27
      • trail.txt.28
      • trail.txt.29
      • trail.txt.3
      • trail.txt.30
      • trail.txt.31
      • trail.txt.32
      • trail.txt.33
      • trail.txt.34
      • trail.txt.35
      • trail.txt.36
      • trail.txt.37
      • trail.txt.38
      • trail.txt.39
      • trail.txt.4
      • trail.txt.5
      • trail.txt.6
      • trail.txt.7
      • trail.txt.8
      • trail.txt.9
      • xuanzhuan01.prt.1
      • xuanzhuan01.prt.2
      • yuanzhuding.prt.1
      • yuanzhuxiao.prt.1
      • zhuangbeiquantu1.asm.1
      • zhuangbeiquantu1.asm.2
      • zhuangbeiquantu1.asm.3
      • zhuangbeiquantu1.asm.4
      • zhuangbeiquantu1.asm.5
      • zhuangbeiquantu1.asm.6
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.1
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.10
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.11
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.2
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.3
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.4
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.5
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.6
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.7
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.8
      • zhuangbeitu.prt.9
      • zhuansuqipan01.prt.1
      • zhuansuqipan01.prt.2
      • zhuansuqipan01.prt.3
      • zhuansuqipan01.prt.4
      • zhuansuqipan01.prt.5
      • zhuansuqipan01.prt.6
      • zhuansuqipan01.prt.7
      • zuanmoban01.prt
      • zuanmoban01.prt.2
      • zuanmoban01.prt.3
      • zuanmoban02.prt.1
      • zuanmoban02.prt.2
      • zuanmoban02.prt.3
      • zuanmoban02.prt.4
      • 复件 夹具的装备图.dwg--点击预览
      • 复件 方案二.dwg--点击预览
      • 复件 毛坯图.dwg--点击预览
      • 复件 零件图.dwg--点击预览
      • 转速器盘过程卡.dwg--点击预览
    • 1零件图.dwg--点击预览
    • 外文翻译.doc--点击预览
    • 外文翻译封面.doc--点击预览
    • 夹具的装配图.dwg--点击预览
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    • 开题报告.doc--点击预览
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    • 指导记录表.doc--点击预览
    • 方案二-工艺过程卡 工序卡 检验卡.dwg--点击预览
    • 毕业论文.doc--点击预览
    • 毕业论文(设计)开题报告.doc--点击预览
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    • 转速器盘工艺过程卡 工序卡 检验卡.dwg--点击预览
    • 转速器盘过程卡和工序卡片.dwg--点击预览
    • 钻孔夹具装配图.dwg--点击预览
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版本3 三维Creo模型、CAD图纸全套 k028 转速 加工 工艺 规程 10 夹具 设计 版本 三维 creo 模型 cad 图纸 全套
1 外文文献原文 The machining process and fixture is introduced 1.1 machining process definition Machining process is to point to by machining methods to change the shape of the blank, size, and the relative position and properties, make it become the finished product or the whole process of semi-finished products. Machining process directly determine part and the quality of the products and the cost of the product performance, the production cycle, there are great influence, the whole process is an important part of the process. 1.2 the composition of the machining process Composition machining process is the basic unit of the process. Process is installed, Labour, work by step and go up of the sword. (1) process is to point to a or a group of workers in a work, the same or at the same time for the continuous finish by several that part of the process. Process is to develop work quota, equipped with workers and machine tool equipment, arrange work plan and conduct quality inspection of basic unit. (2) is the installation work after a fixture that part of the complete process. (3) when application inversion (or shift) processing of machine tools (or fixture) in a processing clamping, workpiece (or tool) relative to machine tools to go through several position in processing, in every work position finished that part of the process, called work station. The progressive process can reduce the number of clamping, reduce the clamping error and raise productivity. (4) work step is processing cutting tool and surface in cutting dosages (refers to only spindle speed and feed) are unchanged under the situation of that part of the complete process technology. 2 in a work in step, if to cut off metal layer is very thick, can divide a few times each cutting a cutting, is called a walk the knife. 1.3 the machining process planning definition Provisions products or components manufacturing process and operation method of process documents, called the technical process, it is the enterprise production guiding technical document. 1.4 the machining process planning role and content 1.4.1 machining process planning of the main role (1) the machining process planning is the main basis of production preparation work. According to it to organize the supply of raw materials and blank, machine tool, the special craft equipment adjusted design and manufacturing, prepare production work plan, the deployment of labor, and production cost, etc. (2) the machining process planning and organization production, or to the plan scheduling basis. It can make the product in the schedule and the corresponding scheduling plan, and can do it each working procedure, make scientific cohesion production equilibrium, smooth, high yield, high and low consumption. (3) the machining process planning is the new factory of basic technical documents. According to it and production program, and to determine the amount and type of machine tool, the factory area, machine tools layout, and the type of work of production workers, grades, and quantity, and the auxiliary departments arrangement. 1.4.2 mechanical processing procedure including content Machining process card and machining process card, is two main process documents. Machining process card, is that in parts processing process process documents. In single or small batch production, machining process card to direct production, process card for all projects are detailed. Mechanical processing process card for each working procedure is formulated to directly, the detailed guidance for 3 the production workers, more for mass production and mass production of the parts of the important parts. 1.5 make the machining process planning of the principles and steps In certain production conditions, with minimal labor consumption and the lowest cost, is planned for the drawings of the request processing parts, is to make the machining process planning basic principles. Make the machining process planning of the procedure is as follows: (1) according to the production of parts production type; decision program (2) analysis parts processing technology; (3) choose the type of blank and manufacturing methods; (4) the draft process; (5) process design; 2. prepare process documents. Second, clamp design 2.1 the concept and composition. Fixture In the machine tool used by the jacket clip process equipment called machine tool fixtures. Fixture is mechanical processing indispensable component in the machine tool technology to speed, efficient, precision, composite, intelligent, environmental protection direction drive, the fixture technology is high precision, high efficiency, module toward, combination, general motors, and economic development direction. By positioning components, machine tool fixtures clamping device to the sword, and guide components, connections with concrete, other components, device or components. Positioning components, clamping device and clip concrete is the basic component of fixture. 2.2 the type o
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